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Top Shelf

Our pioneering Web 3.0 mobile app, “Top Shelf,” features a cutting-edge AI validation and recommendation module, delivering a compelling phygital experience for wineries, distilleries, consumers, and investors.


Wineries and distilleries

Introducing a new era of fundraising and sales: Top Shelf. Our platform features role-based administration, enabling wineries and distilleries to create new products and mint their digital counterparts as NFTs. The application includes an intuitive interface for creating digital content linked to each product asset's NFT. These associated NFTs facilitate transparent fundraising, simultaneously offering asset-backed investments from the investor's perspective.



Experience the ownership of the most authentic products in “Top Shelf.” This unique blend of real bottles and their associated NFTs preserves the history of every authentic product you have owned. Direct communication with your favorite wineries allows you to pre-order wines and whiskeys at any stage, from harvest to barreling and bottling. Our state-of-the-art AI recommends the best bottles tailored to your preferences. Enjoy all these features conveniently at your fingertips.



Discover a whole new level of asset-backed investment and ownership with Top Shelf. Whether using crypto, fiat, or any mobile payments, investors of all levels can seize this fantastic opportunity. Engage in any fractional shares and invest in your favorite bottles, wineries, and distilleries. Experience the appreciation in the value of ingredients, barrels, bottles, and crypto, all on your smartphone.



Each NFT represents ownership of a specific bottle, cask, or barrel. Our mobile app connects various online marketplaces, allowing users to list their NFTs and related wines for sale, place bids, or trade them directly with others. With verifiable ownership and provenance of phygital assets, Top Shelf offers new dimensions and opportunities for trading and investing.



Investment and presale

Harvest the grapes

Crush / Fermentation / Distillation / Processing into a cask







Using our cutting-edge AI technology, time and location data allow us to transmit validated data via mobile devices as the oracle, simultaneously digitized on a primal layer. This is followed by asynchronous updates on the blockchain layer when the transactions are valid through the AI smart contract system, effectively detecting false and fake transactions.


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