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Smart Contract powered by
AI validator

OrganicSmart for Web 3.0

< Compelling experience through digital assets as NFTs >

We provide manufacturers with a simplistic way to create digital assets

with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from their physical products. 

Leveraging distributed ledger to manage digital assets as NFTs,

we provide efficient and secure tracking data solution to establish a rich “phygital” experience

from manufacturers to customers.

Technical Components of
Fully Functional NFTs

Real-world transactions are encoded and verified through our AI validators and smart contracts.

Upon minting, NFTs are created for more secure ownership transfer over different wallet addresses and permanent data recording.

Phygital Data”

Seamless data blending between physical and digital worlds

How do we get truthful information with transparency? Using our technology, partially ordered transactions in the real world can be securely recorded in real time onto the blockchain network in a totally ordered system.







Client company


Industrial award

AI validation and Smart Contract

Verifiable conditions with an executable agreement for critical data updates through our cutting-edge AI validation technology.

Time & Location

Metrics computation by points and intervals of both time and location data.

Chain of Antichains

Chain of Antichains is an essential algorithm for the real-world data management.
This is a blockchain consensus protocol for the nodes on a DAG to be recorded into the blockchain.

Incentive System

Optimal rewards and fees are calculated based on computing power and network maintenance cost.


Decentralized mobile computing for transaction verification.


TECH for OrganicSmart

Amidst rapid digitization and the growing accessibility of AI technologies,

we strive to develop the most efficient and secure algorithms and software solutions.

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