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Dual layered ledger

- Duality for the phygital: physical and digital counterparts

- Dual-layered ledger: primal layer and blockchain layer

Smart contracts consist of transaction conditions and agreements that will cover various aspects of supply chain transactions and related datasets. We use both NFTs and NFC tags for the phygital blending and bundling for a rich phygital experience.

How smart contracts work in
the Web 3.0 network

In our Web 3.0 network system, data is captured in real-time and then digitized (encoding). Such encoded data go through the smart contracts for the verification of conditions as well as the execution of agreements. Upon the execution, the data will be updated and recorded in the blockchain (minting).

Smart Contract

Verifiable conditions with executable agreement for critical data updates.

Time and Location

Metrics computation by points and intervals of both time and location data.

Incentive System

Optimal rewards and fees are calculated based on computing power and network maintenance cost.


Decentralized mobile computing for transaction verification.

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